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Amanda Randle Joint Owner Of randle & randle hair and beauty salon Sheffield.

How did you feel before you started working with us?

I was looking forward to working with an accountant who really valued small businesses and would be able to be ahead of the game when it came to self-assessment.

My previous accountant was very behind in preparing the return despite having all relevant information every August. Finding out that you need to pay more tax than you anticipated isn’t a positive feeling!

What would have been the result if you kept feeling & working the way you were, to your answer above?

I would have lost all faith in accountants and tried to do everything myself – resulting in stress and overload.

What specific success have you had from the work we’ve done with you so far?

Streamlining invoices using hubdoc and also being able to chat as often as we need about any concerns.

Would you recommend us to someone else?


Can you give us a reason for your answer to the above question?

No nonsense approach to accounting; up to date with new legislation and working practises and very understanding of the individual nature of the business.