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We LOVE tech

We just love our tech! Technology is changing the way businesses document their financial data, and has been since the early 2000’s.

At Freedom in Numbers we use technology in all aspects of our business, both inhouse and with our clients. We’re always keen to try out the new developments in the tech market both to make our clients life easier and improving the way we work.

Cloud accounting is a word that is thrown about a lot in today’s world, however the concept in terms of accounting is still the same, just brought into the 21st century.

We’re still filing accounts and paying taxes, but for businesses that like more real time information at their fingertips, it really is a great solution. For everyone at Freedom in Numbers, it has revolutionised our relationship with our clients, and given them a great insight into how their business is performing on a daily basis.

Save time (and money!)

Using technology that works is vital for saving time. Is also allows you to have more time talking about what your business needs, discussing your plan for growth and a way for you to achieve your dreams and ambitions by working smarter.

We are partners with a number of the leading cloud software providers, and we believe Xero is at the forefront, which is why we have decided to solely focus on introducing Xero to our clients.

By using Xero, you can access your businesses financial information anywhere in the world, and on any device with an internet connection. For example, you’re sat by the pool on holiday, and suddenly remember you’ve not sent an invoice to a customer before you left. With the handy Xero mobile app, you can do this straight away, and you can relax knowing your customers have received their invoice on time.

If you want to know more give us a call on 0114 4000053 or fill in our contact form on the right. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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