Float Cash Flow

Float cash flow is a forecasting tool that connects with Xero to give you real time, visual insights into your business’ cash flow.

Every business needs a cash flow forecast that they can rely on to make good business decisions. This is even more important when 82% of businesses fail due to poor cash flow visibility and management.

Using your Xero data, Float cash flow forecasting will give you an accurate view of your past, present and future cash flow needs, and help you plan for the future, whether it be planning for additional staffing needs, or planning for the worst case scenario.

Float cash flow will help you make smarter decisions for your business, and enable you to be more proactive with your cash.

Why is cash flow planning / forecasting important?

If you think about the decisions you have to make in a business every day, even the easy decisions have an impact on cash flow.

It can be a huge burden to business owners to ensure the business has enough cash to fulfil the needs of the business, and not knowing how much cash is needed makes decision making even harder.

Cash flow planning is an essential tool for business planning and can be completed in many ways, including on a spreadsheet, but spreadsheets need to be updated frequently which wastes time and often just gets ignored.

By utilising Xero and Float cash flow forecasting together, you have an up to date and real time overview of your business cash flow whenever you need it.

What can cash flow forecasting help me achieve?

Businesses make decisions every day, but are those decisions based on accurate information?

For many businesses, especially in times of economic hardship, one late payment or a customer that decides to work with someone else can lead to cash flow taking a nose-dive very quickly.

Planning for different scenarios, for instance losing your biggest customer, or on a more positive note growth that needs additional resources such as extra staff, you can understand how those different scenarios will impact cash flow before it becomes an issue, and give you peace of mind.

Cash flow forecasting can help you:

  • Keep track of late payments

    Constant late payers are the bane of a business owner’s life.
    Seeing how this impacts cash flow can alert you to needing more effective credit control.

  • Plan for cash flow gaps

    A sudden drop in cash flow can shock a business.
    Seeing those drops and gaps in cash flow before they hit will help businesses look for alternative funding in advance.

  • Manage any extra cash

    Un-used cash at the end of the month?
    You can utilise that unused money for the benefit of the business by planning what to do with it.

  • Track spending and targets

    All businesses have sales targets and goals that are time-sensitive.
    Cash flow forecasting can help you understand when and if you’ll reach those goals.


How much does Float Cash Flow forecasting cost?

If you choose to have us manage your cash flow reporting and forecasting, the cost of your float subscription is included in the fees you will pay for our service. We will manage the subscription for you so you don’t have to worry about another subscription to maintain.

If you choose to take this tool separately from our service, and manage cash flow yourself, Float cash flow has three packages for you.

Each aimed at different sized businesses, and their needs. Speak to our team to see which plan is the best fit for your business.


  • 3 users
  • 5 additional scenarios
  • 3 years future forecast
  • Weekly cash summaries
  • Email support

£49 + VAT per month or

£39 + VAT p/m if billed annually


  • 10 users
  • 10 additional scenarios
  • 3 years future forecast
  • Weekly cash summaries
  • Email support
  • Free training

£99 + VAT per month or

£79 + VAT p/m if billed annually


  • 100 users
  • 100 additional scenarios
  • 3 years future forecast
  • Weekly cash summaries
  • Priority support & account manager
  • Free training

£199 + VAT per month or

£165 + VAT p/m if billed annually

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