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Hubdoc is our favourite add on for capturing client’s receipts and invoices, and find it is key to efficient and timely bookkeeping.


Why should we use Hubdoc?


Hubdoc is a leading data capture solution that helps accountants, bookkeepers, and small businesses streamline administrative tasks such as financial document collection and data entry.

Think about the last time you emptied your wallet or purse and pulled a stack of receipts out that you’d forgotten about. Chances are they’re screwed up, faded and unreadable, which means losing out on VAT to be reclaimed, paying too much tax and feeling a little annoyed with yourself.

Through the use of Hubdoc’s mobile app, business owners can now ensure all receipts are captured wherever they are. You simply take a photo of the receipt using the app, and it automatically reads it, and assigns it to Xero.

What’s more, that receipt photo is now stored in Xero (and Hubdoc), so you can recycle the receipt without having to hold onto it.


What is the invoice fetch feature?


Hubdoc can connect to a variety of providers, like mobile phone companies, energy companies, and banks to name a few, and pull the invoices they generate direct into Hubdoc.

In today’s world, you generally don’t receive invoices from these companies – the onus is on the account holder to log in and download, which can be time consuming. Hubdoc’s fetch facility means it’s one less thing to worry about.


How much does Hubdoc cost?


Absolutely nothing! Xero include it in their packages for free!

Need to know more?

Here’s a handy Hubdoc video to help you understand how your business can benefit from the efficiencies that Hubdoc will bring. 


Hubdoc is free with your Xero subscription - its a no brainer!

Once you’ve been set up with Xero, we’ll get Hubdoc connected and ready to process your first receipt.