Becoming A Client

The Client Service Journey


Our mission is to provide clear and affordable financial advice to ambitious growing businesses, helping them flourish.
Our primary purpose is to be a supportive partner to your business, giving you advice you can trust and be satisfied with. Using the best digital accounting tech in the market, we aim to give you up to date accounting information to allow you to make those key business decisions when you need to make them.
We want to support growth and profitability in your business, and we will go the extra mile for our clients.


The name ‘Freedom In Numbers’ came from a vision of an accounting and business growth support service that gave our customers freedom from numbers yet left them sufficiently in touch with them to make the right business decisions based on quality data and support from a qualified and experienced advisor.

Why is this important?

  • We have a passion to help business owners focus on ‘their’ business and servicing your clients
  • Your time is more valuable winning work and delivering a great client/customer experience
  • We want to help you use your free time to step out of the business and live you life not ‘doing the books’
  • We want to help you get your numbers right and you make the right decisions, a great accountant will help you get the numbers right

How do we do it?

  • We use leading edge technology to deliver highly effective and efficient bookkeeping services
  • We charge on output not time spent, we are motivated to work smart and save you money!
  • We work with you on a daily basis to give you live, accurate accounting data via our online tools. All you do is raise your sales invoices and photo your receipts!
  • We are part of your team supporting you to achieve your business and personal objectives
  • We are on the end of the phone or an email thread when you need help and support – its all included in your fee
  • We charge a fixed monthly fee based on your requirements, encouraging you to use us as your first port of call for every business query you have

What do we do?

Of course we do all the things that you would expect accountants to do so we won’t bore you with that we will tell you what we really do…

  • We give you piece of mind that you are compliant with HMRC
  • We give you back time to invest in your business
  • We give you accurate up to ate daily accounting data
  • We give you leading edge technology
  • We give you over 13 years of experience in annual accounting, tax, management accounting and business advice

How does it feel to be a Freedom in Numbers client?

Pop on over to the Our Clients page to see just how our clients feel.

What does our partnership look like?

Draw the client journey – from client take on through to annual accounts

  1. Enquiry – give us a call, or email!
  2. Initial call – Once we’ve received your enquiry, we’ll be in touch to arrange a meeting. We use this to understand a little more about your business and it objectives, and what you want from Freedom In Numbers.
  3. Proposal – After our meeting, we will generate our proposal for the services you require.
  4. Sign up – Once you’re happy with our proposal, we sign you up!
  5. Software set up and training – We get you up and running on Xero and Autoentry/Receipt Bank
  6. All you need to do now is photo your business receipts & sales invoices using either receipt bank or Autoentry.Then we take it from here;
  7. Do your daily processing
  8. A weekly tidy up of Xero, to make sure everything is up to date
  9. Give you access to weekly live accounts data
  10. We can even arrange monthly reporting of your businesses financial activity
  11. Arrange meetings to discuss the reports further
  12. Calculate your quarterly VAT, and file it with the HMRC
  13. And finally, pull it all together for your financial year end accounts.

Our approach to fees

Our fees are fixed, so you know how much our work is going to cost each month.
Our fees are output based – we charge for what you receive from us, not by the hour
Our fees are great value.

Our Packages