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About Us

Freedom In Numbers is an accountancy practice founded in Sheffield by Hannah Adams back in 2017 from a cellar office in her home, and now has a close-knit team of working parents supporting businesses all over the UK with their transformation into the digital world.

We are a small business with a big vision. Should this be a problem?

Certainly not.

The team has the combined knowledge and experience of over 30 years in the industry, and have worked for some of the most well known businesses in Sheffield and the surrounding area.

Our goal is to build a reputation as being an asset to your business, not a necessity, and although our team may be small, we work with a variety of different sized businesses, from the micro business with a sole owner, to multi-owner million pound businesses, so you can be assured our knowledge and experience with a variety of businesses is wide.

Unlike larger accountancy practices, we provide a more personal and flexible approach to our work, understanding that business isn’t all suits and ties.


Why should you work with us?


Our team is here to support you and your business.

We’re passionate about how technology can help to streamline your business, making it work smarter and more efficiently in less time, freeing you up to do what you love.


A personal approach

As a business owner, you know that whoever you choose to work with, it needs to be the right fit.

Our team live by our values, and know that it’s really important to give each client a really personal service. Generating and maintaining that relationship with our clients means we get a true insight into how you work, and what goals you have for your business.


Efficiency and clarity

We work efficiently for you, which is why we don’t charge by the hour. Charging by the hour doesn’t encourage faster and more efficient working, and won’t bring you value.

Accounting terminology is one of the things that many business owners don’t understand, after all they’re trained in what they do best. Clarity is one of our key values, and it is really important to our team that everything is explained in plain english, so that you can understand.


Innovation and dedication

We are constantly looking for better ways to work, with better technology to help your business thrive. Technology can help provide a clearer insight into a businesses finances, and with the right accountant on board, this means quicker and more accurate reporting, allowing you to plan ahead and achieve the goals you’ve set out to hit.

We favour Xero and Hubdoc to help business owners achieve better clarity in their business, as we find it simply is the best combination. Because we only work with these platforms, we can advise you with clear instructions on how to get the best from the system.

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When Hannah Adams and her husband Simon founded Freedom in Numbers in 2017, they wanted to start an accounting firm of the future. They knew that becoming a valuable advisor to small and medium businesses meant utilising the right technologies and offering services that would provide clients with valuable insights. 

“We found that business owners generally only have one or two points of contact with their accountant per year,” says Hannah. “They often work with old information, and really just have an advisor because they think they need to.

“We felt the relationship should be much more than that. The accountant is there to help guide a business and help owners make meaningful decisions using accurate data.”


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