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Our passion is giving you back your freedom in your business.

Let us relieve your stresses, and give you time back from the headache of keeping your numbers up to date.

Freedom in Numbers is an award-winning, modern and forward thinking accountants, with market-leading technology and friendly, knowledgeable people at its core.
Using Xero and Hubdoc, we make your business financials more efficient and effective, freeing up your time to do what you love.


Why choose Freedom In Numbers?

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We’re friendly, approachable and passionate accountants.


We love Xero, and have always been cloud focussed.

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We’ll help improve your business understanding, so you can make better choices.

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We’re always here to help.

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You are your business. You bring in the sales and cover the expenses.

You need help keeping on top of the books and reporting your profits to the tax man, but you need guidance on what you can and can’t claim against your profits.


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You’re a new business, and you need support and guidance with your books and records, but you don’t mind a bit of bookkeeping.

Budget is tight, and you need an accountant that understands how you work, and help you stay compliant.

You need help understanding your financial information, guidance on where to cut costs, and how to get access to start-up funding.


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Your business has been running for a while, and you’re looking at ways to grow. Your business is now too busy to manage your day to day bookkeeping needs.

You’ve got the basics of business sorted, but you need some guidance and support to achieve your goals for the coming years.

You want to outsource your bookkeeping function to get your business to the next level.



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You’re an established business, trading for a number of years.

You need support, but have the basics sorted. You want to outsource your whole accounting function and have regular reports to see how the business is doing.


We’re here to help you, business owners


Despite the tough challenges we’re facing, we’re all in this together, working hard to support businesses across the country.

We actively collaborate with other accountants and bookkeepers to ensure our clients get the best support and advice possible, even during this difficult time.